Forever Foster
Support Barry

Barry is sponsored by: Marja Moore, Pamela Moore, and Nichole Hughes!

Barry is 15 year old boy that came to us from the shelter.  He had suffered years of neglect, and as you can imagine being dumped at the shelter at that age was very stressful.  His foster mom has been very patient with him and he has learned that a short cuddle isn't all that bad and a good grooming session feels really nice. 

Barry may not be a lap dog but he does enjoy the company of his people. His mom often finds him following her around, inquisitive of her doings, wondering if there will be food involved and if he is going to get that food. Barry is kind and gentle and has a very goofy personality. He constantly has us in laughter with his antics. 

Barry hardly has any teeth left so eating out of a bowl has been difficult for him, he has had much more success since he started using the loving bowl one of our amazing supporters donated. Unfortunately Barry is in kidney failure and we want this home to be his last. We don't know how much time Barry has left but we are making sure he is very loved and doted on, like all dogs should be in their senior years. 

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