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Thank you to Kim with Curly Tail Pet Massage for sponsoring Bobo with no-cost massage services!

*~*~* If you or anyone you know is in the profession of dog rehab/physical therapy and is able to donate services to help Bobo while he waits for his forever home, please contact us! *~*~*

If 9 year old Bobo had a mantra it would be "Find Joy in the Journey." This little guy has every reason to thumb his nose at life, but he refuses to let anything let him down. Bobo is always happy, the sheer excitement he exudes over the thought of going to the park will bring a tear to your eye. He loves to kick up the grass with his front feet after going to the bathroom. He is one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet and all he wants to do is be with you. Bobo has very limited use of his back legs. He can still stumble around on carpet or a non-slick service, but he does not do well on hardwood or tile. Because of the loss of use of his legs, he has also become urine and fecal incontinent. He will need someone to help him with expressing his bladder and someone that doesn't mind picking up the occasional poo surprise. Bobo would really benefit from someone who could afford to put him in physical therapy to help maintain the function he has left for as long as possible. No one has let Bobo know his back legs aren't working, and he probably wouldn't listen if you tried! Bobo does not have any other health issues and would really make a wonderful companion to someone who is looking to spoil a special needs dog.

 Has some special needs.

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