1 year old Emma came to us from the shelter in September of last year, we quickly realized something was not quite right with her.  She had some strange behavior issues that could not really be explained.  After much testing they realized she had Liver problems, which were making her a bit whacky and causing some neurological issues.   Her diet was changed, she was started on herbal medications and Denamarin, and over a few months the liver values improved dramatically.  However many of the neurological issues did not go away, including some aggression issues related to food.  Her foster home has learned to help her through her episodes and after 10 months her liver values were good enough so that she could get spayed.  Emma's foster mom Rima has done a great job with her and she is willing to deal with the uncertainty of Emma's diagnosis and her outbursts.  For that reason we have decided Emma has found her forever home with Rima and Kelly and their pack.  Congratulations Emma!