We would like to share with you that our sweet forever foster Max was sent off for his next adventure while eating a cheese burger and surrounded by people who loved him on May 24th, 2017.  Max came to us about 6 months ago at the age of 13. He had been living in the garage after his health issues became to much for the family to take care of. Max had a myriad of problems when he got here including very bad teeth, serious UTI's skin problems and a leaky bladder. Max was blind and had a hard time adjusting to a new home, because of this, and all his chronic health issues it was decided he would live out his time left with his foster mom. Max had the softest fur around and he just loved his "routine" with his foster family. Meal time and Mom time were the best parts of the day. While we certainly our broken hearted at his passing, we are very grateful we were able to surround him with love in his final months.

An important part of rescue that is often forgotten is taking care of these sweet seniors when they are not adoptable, but still have a lot of life to give. If you did not know about our Furever foster program, please take the time to go and look at the other 4 dogs that are living out their remaining days with us. Our foster homes provide the love, and we take care of the medical needs and supplies. This program can only exist if we have donations to cover the costs. Did you know we have a sponsorship program where as little as $10 a month can help us to take care of their medical needs?    While not everyone can foster one of these special pugs, anyone can be a part of their lives by choosing to give a small monthly donation to their care. Please go here to look at our furever fosters and sign up for a sponsorship today!