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10-year-old Mighty Moe is a gentle giant, he is a big boy but is very gentle, polite and patient.  He lives with other dogs and cats and does fine with them, although he does not have much interest in them, he is all about being near his people.  Moe loves going for walks and knows when his halter comes out it is time to go!  Moe's favorite things are having his back and belly scratched, sleeping on the bed behind the crook of your knees, and hanging out near you. He likes to give little barks and then it turns into a soft howl which is very cute!  Moe does not have much vision in one of his eyes and he needs dry eye medication for life.  He does have some arthritis in one of his knees but really doesn't stop him much, it just keeps him from doing stairs and jumping.

Moe's had a mouthful of very bad teeth when he came in and he had extensive dental surgery.  He will need to be on canned food only for a bit longer until his mouth is completely healed.

Moe is a wonderful boy that is completely potty trained and really has no bad habits.  He will make a wonderful companion!

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Thanks to Blissful Illusions Photography by Rima for the pet pawtraits!