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Snug and Twinkle are a great pair of senior pugs that are very bonded. Because of Twinkle's frail health and Snug's anxiety, it was decided it would be best to let them live out their lives with their amazing foster mom who knows just how to comfort them. Because of chronic ear infections, Snug has an adorable permanent head tilt. He is a very sensitive guy that worries when he is left alone. Twinkle has severe arthritis that limits her mobility she takes Adequan injections to help with this. She also has chronic bronchitis that requires cough medications. Twinkle's medications are very expensive but we think she is worth it. Twinkle is so huggable, she has the softest fur and beautiful big eyes. You will never find them far apart, they are some of the sweetest pugs you will ever meet. We are proud to be able to provide a wonderful retirement home for these two thanks to your generous donations.

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