Sex: Male
Age: 13

​​​Matthew came to us in a collaboration with Pug Nation in LA. It was clear that Matthew had never received any medical care during his life and he also did not like to be handled. We were hopeful with a neuter and some stability that Matthew would settle in and become a bit more manageable.
Unfortunately we have determined that Matthew has some sort of brain issues going on. It may be some dementia, or maybe a brain lesion, we are not sure. He can be a bit unpredictable and while he is a normal sweet and smart pug 90% of the time, he can become quite aggressive at times and attack humans and other dogs in the home. Sometimes at night he will just stand and bark for hours for unknown reasons.

Luckily we are talking about a pug with almost no teeth, so while frustrating it is not dangerous! We have started Matthew on a medication used for seizures and we have seen some improvement on this. We recently realized Matthew loves puzzle games, so we recently purchased some to keep him busy. Matthew loves greeting new guests in the home and really loves attention. He does not like to be held, but some pets are welcome! We will continue to care for Matthew until his good days outweigh his bad!

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