Information from Pacific Pug Rescue
​Your New Pug!
​A resource guide provided by Pacific Pug Rescue for your newly adopted pug.
Health Information

Few Facts About Kennel Cough
  • An article provided by PetAirapy that covers almost anything you ever wanted to know about Kennel Cough
Why Spay/Neuter Senior Dogs
  • Information provided by The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs
Top 10 Reasons to Spay & Neuter
  • Provided by Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund. Click here to learn about their low cost Spay/Neuter coupon program
Spay & Neuter Rescource Guide
  • Information provided by Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund
Behavior Information

Correcting Behavior Problems in Dogs
  • A paper published by KONG Company that covers crate training, chewing, separation anxiety and more.

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