Sex: Female
Age: 11

​11 year old Mimi came to us when her elderly owner got dementia and could no longer care for her. Unfortunately she had not received any vet care for a very long time and had 7 mast cell tumors that we had to remove. Sadly one of them was found to be an aggressive stage 3 tumor. Mimi also suffers from Pug Myelopathy and is slowly using the use of her rear legs. None of this stops her however, she is a energetic happy girl that likes to be on the move! Mimi likes being close to her family, napping and snacking...just like all pugs! Mimi is seeing an Oncologist for treatment of her mast cells and we hope to be able to keep her around for a long time!

Thanks to Katie McNeal Photography for the beautiful pictures of Mimi!

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