Sex: Female
Age: 13

​​​Pacific Pug Rescue took in Molly after her owner had a stroke. She had been well cared for and loved over the years until the last two when perhaps her owner was no longer able to provide the vet care that Molly needed. She came to PPR with ear infections, dry eyes, significant arthritis, and needing a dental. Given her age and all that Molly had going on, it was decided that she would do best becoming a PPR forever foster. A home that loves old pugs, with a lot of experience caring for the sometimes complicated medical needs of senior dogs, was thrilled to become Molly’s permanent foster home.

In Molly’s initial foster home and now her forever home, she has proven to be a very resilient and happy little girl. Her ability to good naturedly adjust to many moves and changes (including three different settings over 24 hours to get from her first PPR home to her forever home) won her quite a fan club along the way. She has quickly learned the routine in her new home, when it is mealtime (the best time!), when it is treat (med) time, how to let her family know when she needs to go outside, and how to get her mom to hang out in the rooms that have her favorite beds.

Although it hadn’t been thought of as anything significant initially, Molly does have a mass on her nose that has grown rapidly and is starting to narrow the nostril on that side. A needle aspirate showed only inflammatory cells, so we have our fingers crossed that “The Bump” will not turn out to be something more aggressive. But even if benign Molly may have surgery in her future. Meanwhile we love every moment with this great little dog and hope to have her with us for some time to come.

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